Speaking, Workshops, and Seminars/Webinars

Base on his best seller Crazy, Who Me? John relates his story in speeches and keynotes that takes the audience into the life of leader’s journey with depression. The anecdotes are real and at times raw in nature. Sprinkled with humor he entertains, informs, and enlightens the audience with a story that has a happy ending. Presentations are between 15-45 minutes in length and always include a Q&A session; as insightful as the presentation itself.

Workshops and Seminars are presented in both public and organizational settings. During his journey of recovery John has acquired therapies and strategies that he shares with attendees. He is also a licensed hypnotherapist.

Sessions include a significant educational component that will leave attendees with a better understanding of the types of mental health diseases, statistics, ideas, and tactics both for the individual as well as the organization. Organizational policies and programs developed during sessions are actionable and will contribute to increased employee satisfaction, retention; as a result increased profitability.

All workshops and seminars for organizations are tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of the client.