Leading a business and making a profit in today’s climate is tough. When you add the emotional distress of depression it makes it all the more difficult. A life of desperation, hopelessness and fear is no way to live. Depression has a stigma of weakness and as such the leader who is struggling with it will not admit to it to others and likely to him/herself. If this describes you there are only two choices to make. Either you continue living a sad and frustrating life or you seek help to minimize the depression that is holding you back from a happy and productive life.

John has over to 30 years of entrepreneurial leadership experience while suffering with severe depression for most of his life. Since leaving the business world he has been an executive and leadership coach for more than 12 years. John offers a unique coaching experience that combines the advantage of a trusted advisor along with the experience of having lived with and finally overcoming depression. Working with clients he combines business acumen along with therapies (John is a licensed hypnotherapist) and strategies that allow clients to minimize and possibly eliminate depression from their leadership and ultimately their lives.

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