About The Book

John’s depression reared it’s ugly head when he was 3 years old. “The black pile” was his constant companion for the better part of 57 years of his life, until he finally found a way out. Yes, you can teach an old(er) dog new tricks!

Crazy, Who Me? is a journey of entrepreneurial leadership while struggling with severe depression; the causes, the effects, the successes, the desperation, the hopelessness, and finally finding the faith john never thought he had. This is his story good, bad, and ugly.

Relating to mental illness requires empathy, not sympathy. The road to empathy requires education. Within the book’s pages you’ll find short and concise lessons to better understand depression and other mental illnesses. After reading the book you could feel you may be suffering from depression, you may admit to it, and finally seek help from a mental health professional. Alternatively, if you sense a colleague, friend or family member is struggling you can be more empathetic and help them to navigate through their complicated lives.

Crazy, Who Me? is the culmination of a life filled with success and failures while coping with mental illness and eventually coming out the other side as an authentic and happy person.